Bengali Actress Nusrat Jahan Gave Her Opinion On The Maa Kali Poster Controversy, Said – Don’t Bring Religion Into The Middle

The ruckus about the poster of director Leena Manimekalai’s film Kali is not taking its name to stop. There is also a demand to arrest Leena for hurting Hindu religious sentiments continuously on social media. Arrest Leena Manimekalai has been trending on Twitter for hours. Meanwhile, the statement of Bengali actress Nusrat Jahan has come to the fore. The actress has given her opinion on hurting religious sentiments.

Trinamool Congress MP and actress Nusrat Jahan attended an India Today event on Monday. Where he was asked a question about the ruckus left on the poster of Kali Maa. Responding to the controversy on the poster of Leena’s documentary film, Nusrat said, I believe that religion should not be brought in the middle. Don’t make religion a thing to sell. If you ask my opinion, I have always supported creativity separately. Personality is supported separately and I have also always believed that religious sentiments cannot be hurt. It is very easy to sit in your drawing room and watch the whole spicy story.

Continuing her point, the actress further said, I cannot hurt anyone’s religious sentiments, because I follow my religion in my own way and you in your own way. You have a right to do so and so do I. I will not say that you are right or wrong, because only you know. If you ask my opinion, I keep creativity and religion separate. If you are doing something creatively, then it is your responsibility.

There is controversy over this matter

In the poster shared by Leena, a girl is seen disguised as Maa Kali, who has four hands. With one hand she is smoking a cigarette, while in one hand is holding the flag of the LGBTQ community. The depiction of mother Kali smoking a cigarette in this way has given rise to controversy on social media.