Best Business Advice I Ever Received in 2022

If you’ve been following this blog, then you know that I’ve had some ups and downs in my business over the past 14 years. Everyone does. But I also know that this blog has helped thousands of business owners grow their businesses online. There has been a lot of advice I’ve shared that might seem obvious to some but was a revelation for others. We’re all about building an authority blog these days so here’s my list of best business advice I ever received:

One question I’ve often been asked is “What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?” It’s a simple question, but it took me a long time to come up with something I feel good about answering.

When it comes to business advice, your grandma has as much knowledge as anyone. Grandmas are there during the good times, and bad — and always give the best advice. So I got in touch with a lot of my friends who have graced this wonderful, wide Internet of ours, and asked them for the best business advice they ever received from their grandma.

So I’ve been doing my own thing for a while now, and I’ve done some things right, and some things wrong. A lot of businesses ask me how they can get better at what they do, and it’s hard to answer because we all come from different backgrounds. So to help you out I’ve decided to put together my favorite business advice given to me by people who have been in the mix.

Here’s one of the best pieces of business advice I’ve ever received: Quote: If you don’t love it, don’t do it. This guidance was given to me by a former boss who owned a copy shop. He said if you truly love what you do and if you’re passionate about your business, success will come.

I am a massive fan of taking advice from all angles, therefore I enjoy reading and listening to numerous books and podcasts, especially when it comes to business. Although I may not always implement the exact advice or plan set out, I still find value in listening or reading what other people recommend.

This is an exciting post that I’m very proud of, but more importantly, it’s going to help you and your business. One of the things I love most in life is learning new things. However, one thing I’ve learned is that you can’t always learn directly from a book or a class. Sometimes you learn the most when obstacles and challenges occur without someone telling you what to do.

I had the pleasure of talking with Jared recently and he told me a story about this time he was working at his temp job in college and two people came into his office. The first guy came in and told him, “I’m going to take you guys out to lunch. I’ll buy.” Then the second person walks in and asks him, “Can I borrow $10? I’m going to buy.”

While at the previous company that I worked for, I was lucky to work with some incredibly smart people. Even though they had a hugely successful business and they were very kind to me, they also had a generous amount of advice to share.

A great deal of my professional life has been formed by the countless mentors and peers I’ve had over the years. I’ve learned a lot from them, but these are the top 5 pieces of advice that have stuck with me.

Some of the best advice I ever received was from my dad. I didn’t always like what he had to say, but he was right every single time.

Help Me Choose The Best Business To Start.

There are so many business ideas out there. And I want to start a business but I don’t know which one is the best suited for me to start with. I want to start a business that is going to be profitable for me and last long. Can you help me choose the best business to start?

I’m going to answer your question with another question: How do you determine the best business to start?

You can use a tool I built called the Business Idea Generator. It’s a great place to start if you don’t have any business ideas yet and want some help.

The tool will help you narrow down your options by asking questions about your interests, what type of business you want, how much money you want to make, and more.

When you’re done, it will give you a list of potential businesses that are a good match for you. Then it’s up to you to do research and get feedback from people who might be customers to see if one of those businesses might work for you.

If this sounds interesting to you, check out my in-depth post on how to use my Business Idea Generator to come up with tons of new business ideas.

I started my first business out of college at 23 years old. It was a software company, and I did it with two friends. The business was very successful and we all made a lot of money.

At 33 I tried something completely different – I became an artist. I’ve taken part in art shows, sold prints, and even licensed some of my art to companies. A few years ago I wrote a book, which was published by Penguin Books and is available in over 20 countries around the world. And now, for the first time in my life, I’m doing something that’s not about me at all – I’m focused on helping other people learn how to start their businesses.

I bring this up because when people ask me for advice about what type of business they should start (and it happens frequently!), I often tell them that the answer comes from within themselves.

Over the years I’ve learned that there is no such thing as “the perfect business.” Every business has challenges and difficulties – it’s just a matter of deciding which ones you’re willing to deal with!

The most effective way to choose a business is to start with yourself first.

“Start with yourself first.”

This is not a “secret” as much as it’s a good reminder that the best way to narrow down your choices is to ask yourself questions about who you are and what matters most to you.

The article, What Kind of Business Should I Start? How To Pick The Best Business For You, provides a list of questions for you to consider about your skills and interests.

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You can also take a look at the Small Business Administration website for some ideas.

Trying to figure out what business to start? Here’s a list of over 60 proven businesses you can start for under $100! To learn how to validate your business idea, download my free e-book here.

  • 1Pet Sitting
  • House Sitting
  • Personal Chef
  • Campground Hosting
  • Dump Trailer Rental
  • Junk Removal/Hauling Service
  • Lawn Care Service
  • Maid Service
  • Personal Grocery Shopper/Delivery Service
  • Senior Home Care

I’ve been a customer of Wistia for years. I have their sticky little logo on my computer. I talk about their products and services often because I love them.

And in my opinion, they rock.

But not everyone feels the same way. Some people find Wistia’s products clunky and confusing. And some people just don’t need video hosting services at all.

And that’s OK.

That’s why this is a perfect example of customer segmentation: Wistia knows who its customers are and who they aren’t and doesn’t try to be everything to everyone (which is a mistake that many brands make).

Here’s the thing: You can’t please everybody. So instead of wasting your time trying to convince someone that you’re right for them when they’re not feeling it, focus your energy on the people who need what you’re selling.

You can always buy out your lease and turn around and sell it right away. If there is equity, you can pocket that difference. If there is negative equity (you owe more than the car is worth) then you need to decide if you want to keep paying for a car you don’t want or if you want to swallow the difference and just walk away from it.

Best Business From The Past 5 Years

Congrats to the winners of best business from the past 5 years!

The best business in the past 5 years was created by a group of four friends who started at the same time. Their names are Emily, Maisie, Tessa, and Oscar. They’re in their late twenties and thirties. They make cosmetics and beauty products together. Each member has a different title at the company. Emily is the CEO, Maisie is the COO, Tessa is the CFO, and Oscar is the CMO.

Do you know how you’re always trying to find a business that’s been around for 5 years?

Well, we did it. We found the best business from the past 5 years.

Here’s how we did it:

We took a bunch of companies that existed 5 years ago and then ranked them according to how long they’ve been around. We added them up and divided them by the number of companies we looked at, to get an average number of years for a company to be around before going out of business. Then we looked at all the companies that have been around longer than that number of years. We picked out our favorites.

What was it like? It was crazy! It was hard work! Sometimes it wasn’t fun! But I’m so glad we did it!

How do I know you found the best?

Because I said so! That’s how I am about everything! Hey! We’re so glad you’re here.

We’re [company name], and we’re bringing you our pick for the best business from the past five years.

Today, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate an independent, family-owned company that is making waves in the industry. With a mission to provide top-quality products to its customers at a reasonable price, [company name] has been turning heads since its founding in 2016.

The results speak for themselves: [company name] is ranked 5th on the list of most successful businesses in 2020, with $1 billion in revenue and over 4 million happy customers. What’s more, they have a rating of 9.8 out of 10 on TrustPilot, with 100% positive reviews from their clientele.

And it’s not just about the numbers – what sets [company name] apart from the competition is their commitment to providing customers with a superior experience, whether it be through their website or one of their many retail locations across the globe.

Banking is one of the best businesses for the past 5 years.

A bunion is a company that helps companies move to digital management systems.

They help Jrilli move from offline to online, reduce Jrilli’s overhead costs and improve client retention rate by 13% and growth rate by 11%.

They are a meat/animal products provider to quick-service restaurants. Clients are restaurants that are only decorated in the color purple. Clients are in Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Siberia. 40 chains and almost 800 franchises clients are small local places to large, nationwide businesses. Clients want Klingon-speaking management, Reliable supply, Restaurant-quality products, Correct format for their storage and menu. They hire stay-at-home dads to make connections with farmers/suppliers in their area.

There are a lot of businesses out there. Some of them are great, and others are… not so great. So how do you know which ones are worth your attention? To help you out, Business News Daily asked experts to identify the best business from each year for the past five years, and we narrowed it down to one winner. The businesses on this list are all innovative, trendsetting, and influential—and they’re also all from Business News Daily!

Some of these businesses have since gone on to be separate companies or products. Some of them have grown into massive companies that continue to make waves in their industries. And some of them might be a little too small for you to have heard of before—but that doesn’t mean they’re not worthwhile! All of these businesses were chosen because they represent the best in their industries by setting the standard for excellence and helping to push it forward.

You know how sometimes you’re just out and about, and you see a business that’s so good, you can’t help but point at it and say, “That’s the best business I’ve seen in the past five years.”

Well, we did that. That business in Mygujarat.News.

We’re frankly going to be a little overwhelmed trying to narrow it down to just one thing they do that makes them so great.  Or maybe it’s all of those things combined with a little sprinkle of something special.

Whatever it is, we’ll tell you this: if you find yourself needing anything from [company name], we would not hesitate for a second to recommend that you go there first.


When I was asked to reflect on the best business advice I have ever received, it hit me that the best advice is not some secret formula or magic to success that only a select few people in history have known. The best advice is condensed into three words: work hard.

That’s the best business advice I ever received. It’s easy to forget about the customer and focus on profit, but that doesn’t lead to a good long-term strategy. Always keep your customers in mind, and always ask yourself how you can make your company better for everyone involved: for your employees, for your customers, and especially for yourself (because if you have no fun working, why bother?).

Whatever your business venture is, there will be a lot of advice given to you. The best advice I have ever received was to start small, stay humble, and always be prepared for the unexpected. One false move and your entire business could flop. Karma is a real thing in this industry so be nice to everyone like they are one of your customers.

Being that I’m one of the founders of a fairly successful technology company, someone (probably on Reddit) asked me what piece of business advice I wished someone had given me when I was starting. So, in honor of the occasion, and with a bit of help from my long-suffering colleague, Phil Barker, here it is:

A lot has changed in the last decade but one thing has remained constant: Great advice will always be useful and valuable. Take the time to welcome new perspectives into your life and business. You never know what could happen.

They say that hindsight is 20/20. Maybe so, but it doesn’t help if you can’t afford to turn back the clock and re-do things. If you’re starting a business right now, or in the future, many of the lessons learned from past mistakes can help you succeed.

There are a lot of great pieces of business advice in this article. If you want to be successful, the best thing to do is learn from other people’s mistakes and successes. Even if it doesn’t apply to you today, perhaps it will tomorrow.

Some of these pieces of advice come from a book I read, some were taught to me in my grade school days, and the rest is advice I learned while working as a designer. The most important thing to take away is that it’s so important to do something you love every day. It’s hard sometimes because the world can be pretty hard to navigate, but if you do nothing else in your life, try to make sure you’re doing something that makes you happy daily.

This is one of the first blogs that I wrote for my blog. It was written with the intent to share my knowledge with anyone who happens to stumble upon my blog. I hope that this is helpful to someone!