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Anupan Mittal is now known by his startup business, one of the very much successful and most trusted matrimonial website which was introduced by hm in year 1996, with only a single goal in his vision to provide a better and a good experience in match making experience to the people, since then he and his team has worked so hard behind this idea due to their hard work, they are recognized now globally .Anupam is married to Anchal Kumar who is an actor turned model who worked in several films.

When Anupan retired back India after completion of his graduation , he used to do some website development work for other firms, by sitting in his father’s office as he didn’t had much to do, besides that he also knew an old school  matchmaker , Anupam wanted to get rid of that matchmaker, while thinking of him he thought what if a website or a portal could replace these  matchmakers and whatif all the information related to the individuals is posted and match is done according to their choices , and this is when he got the idea to form his own business, then in 1996 he posted an initial version of “”, which was clearly the experiment version of, he invested all his money in his business and invested the most in the web development because it was the only primary source which brought in money.

And now all his hard work, all his money he invested brought all success to him and now he is one of the best , successful entrepreneurs in the country who was also seen in Shark Tank India , where he used to help other startups to come up in the market.