Tips for Starting Blogging and Making Money

Tips for Starting Blogging and Making Money

If you are thinking of starting a blog you need some information about blogging. I see a lot of people who have left their public or private jobs and started Freelancing and made $ 500 every month.

Avoid disappointment and leave your blog before you earn your first dollar by expecting real things. Because your audience will never care what you write about.

Here are some tips on blogging:


Make a plan:

Make a plan before you start blogging. Most people start blogging just to make money and do not think about the obstacles that come their way. When they get into trouble they stop blogging.

So, you have to build confidence in yourself, and then work out strategies on how to do it? Learn from the mentors and people who have excelled in this field.


As we discuss later that Niche is the first point. You must select a Niche before starting work. After you find a Niche read about it and research it.

Then start writing about your Niche but remember not to try to confuse the user. Respect yourself and your job.

Create Content:

The next step is to create good content. Without content it is impossible to earn money. Then share your content on social media and get traffic to your blog.

If people like your content they visit again and again. But if your content hits them they will never come back. That means you need to write them in simple words that everyone can understand. An important suggestion is not to copy the content of others. It may consider malicious content and reduce the quality of other content on your site. So, write for yourself or hire a writer.


After writing content the next step is to grow your content with SEO. What is SEO? Without SEO our content will not be visible on Google and as a result people will not be able to find our site.

Therefore, it is very important to do SEO. There are many tools that allow you to improve your content with SEO. Try using Long Tail Keywords because most people search for their complete query. Check out this post if you don’t know about SEO.

Make money:

After completing SEO the next step is to make money with your blog. This is the final and final step where you start earning money. How to monetize your site.

Do not stop working after AdSense approval:
Next after AdSense authorization you should not stop writing content. If you stop writing it means your income goes down. Keep writing and I believe that One Day you will become a Millionaire.


So, in this post you learned about blogging. If you like this article then share it with your friends who are related to this field or who are considering entering this field.

Thanks for reading.