Track your Android phone with an IMEI number

Track your Android phone with an IMEI number

To track your lost Android phone with IMEI number, you need to download a third-party IMEI tracking app, such as IMEI Tracker – Find My Phone. However, we recommend that you use this system as your last resort. Google Find My Device is usually a stylish way to find a missing Android phone.

The IMEI number is a combination of 15 unique numbers for your phone only. It stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, and can be found in the About Settings section of your smartphone. Whenever you buy a new Android, always write down the IMEI and keep it in a safe place, in case you need it.

However, and you have no way to restore it, knowing its IMEI number will come in handy, If your Android phone is lost or stolen. You can report the IMEI number to the authorities in the event it occurs. Also, you can block the number so that no separate bone will be eligible to register the phone in the future.

We know that losing a phone can be scary.

Whether you lose your phone at home, leave it on the train during your evening outing, or have been robbed of your backpack during music, we feel your pain. Hopefully, these five easy ways to track a lost Android phone help you or anyone you know!

There are many ways to help lose phones. Always make sure it is securely stored in your bag when traveling in a crowded area or when traveling. Also, if you are going to take a trip, we recommend that you change your cinch screen. Produce a note with an emergency contact information in case your phone is stolen and take a screenshot. Also, download the cinch screen of your phone. That way, if someone finds your phone, (hopefully) they can reach you before you have a chance to search for it.
Another way to help grieve over a lost phone is to have phone protection! It’s a very effective way to make sure your phone is secure – and our team at Lori can help! Our customized device protection programs include anything you need. We provide systems for broken, lost / stolen phones, cracked protection, broken equipment and more. However, we will bring you relief!

If the goods happen and you find yourself without a phone.