UFO Expert Claims – Aliens Have Always Lived Under The Sea, This Is An Advanced Version Of Humans!

There are many types of opinions of people about aliens in the world. Some think that aliens really exist. Some call it just imagination. Many people have claimed to have seen aliens, while many call these claims hollow. For the past many years, many experts have been engaged in the search for the truth. But so far no concrete evidence has come to the fore. However, it is claimed to have seen aliens and UFOs every day. Recently, a woman named Anna Whitty made a documentary named UFO’s: A Fundamental Truth, in which she made many sensational claims.

Anna Whitty told that aliens do not live on any other planet. He was always on earth. This is where they live. They are just like humans in appearance. But there is only an advanced version of man. He has made these claims on the statement of his former colleague, Dr. Shirley Wright, in which Dr. Shirley claimed that he had interviewed the alien in 1947. In this interview, when aliens were asked where they live, it was answered that where humans have not been able to reach in the sea.

The search on another planet is in vain
In an interview with the Daily Star, Anna said that aliens were always on Earth. Finding them on another planet is useless. If Dr. Shirley is right, then aliens come from under the ocean. Not from any other planet. This cannot be denied because much evidence of these aliens has been found over the years. Even though this evidence is denied, if we look deeply, then their evidence has been found only on Earth and not on any other planet.

Advanced version of humans
These aliens are advanced versions of humans. Anna tells so. He said that they are quite different because they live under the sea. Talking about the earth, man has changed a lot from the Stone Age till today. The same thing applies to these aliens living in the middle of the ocean. However, these aliens have advanced from humans in every respect. Their technology and intelligence are the best. Anna has also discussed the crash of 1947 in her documentary. It will be made on air soon.