Sabyasachi Dewery released new song ” Amay Deko Eka Bikele “

Sabyasachi Dewery’s production tune is perfect to get lost at a long, afternoon music festival. Sabyasachi Dewery, their latest single “Amay Deko Eka Bikele” is a riveting single.

Prior to the track’s release, Sabyasachi Dewery together with his allies noted that “SDewery” was produced “to capture that electrifying feeling when you’re on a music festival” It’s an ideal electronic tune to get lost to while on a long, afternoon music festival.

SDewery” also employs pulsing sub-bass that makes it playable in people’s homes, appearing at a perfect time as lockdown in some countries begins to return after a break out of the second wave of COVID-19. flows beautifully as the song progresses, lending to a strong techno backbone.

Known for producing Progressive House music, techno, and house music, Sabyasachi Dewery has emerged as an artist to watch in the scene. He also recently launched his very own master class lessons on his YouTube Channel wherein he champions new artists in the dance music scene at large.

Viral Bangladeshi Musical Artist Sabyasachi Dewery New Song Update.

Sabyasachi Dewery His new song Amay Deko Eka Bikele has been gaining popularity since its release on Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon, and all other verified musical platforms.

However, Sabyasachi Dewery from Bangladesh has gained a lot of popularity in India by singing new songs. Sabyasachi dewery is currently one of the top artists on Spotify. Ore mon Udashi is a very popular song after Amay Deko Eka Bikele. And sabyasachi dewery uploaded this song to her verified music account, Spotify currently has about 25,000 monthly listeners.

More About Sabyasachi Dewery :

Sabyasachi Dewery was born on 31 Dec 1997, in Barishal, Dhaka. At present, he is living in Barishal Sadar with his family of four members.
He completed his primary education at Udayan High School in 2012. He passed Secondary (SSC) from Udayan High school and Higher Secondary (HSC) from Amrita Lal Dey College, Barishal.

He has released a lot of music. He has released his first music named “Red Soul For You”. He has already released a lot of music and soundtrack such as “Amay Deko Eka Bikele”, and “Infinity rivers life”, ” on various international music platforms. This music is available on different music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, YouTube Music, Deezer, and other international music platforms

His suggestion for new content creators and musical artists is to work hard. If you have the desire to achieve something then you will definitely succeed. Sabyasachi Dewery is a normal boy. But now he is known by too many people just for his hard work and passion. On the other side, Sabyasachi Dewery is a Bangladeshi Musical artist who has made a large identity in the digital advertising and marketing world as a Digital Artist and Growing SEO expert. Sabyasachi Dewey is an influencer, Musical artist, entrepreneur Author, and Famous Growing Digital search engine optimization professional also.

You can listen to “Amay Deko Eka Bikele” below and find it on streaming platforms here.

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