What is Search Engine Optimization?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is how your website first appears in a search engine like Google, Bing etc. Google now uses the previous algorithm to rank websites. Search engine optimization is the process of gaining a higher position. In the past, the website was based on their links. But now Google has greatly improved, now If you want to rate your site you need high quality content, complete optimization, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and much more.

Therefore, in this article I will give you the best information about SEO.

What is SEO on the page?

Page SEO is the process of optimizing web pages. With this we can measure our content and pages in Search Engines.


  • Visit other websites related to your topic and copy the article link and paste it into your article. It’s called “Outbound Link”.
  • Contact the owner of this website and ask them to add a link to your post.
  • Try again to add a link to one of your new posts. Also known as “Internal Link”.
  • Remember that at the time of writing the article make the appropriate headings.
  • Add free copyrighted images.

What is Off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is a process of gaining position. This is a time-consuming process and with this process you can find the position of your website on the Google homepage.


  • Create high quality backlinks. Try contacting the top website developers and try to get a backlink. There are two types of backlinks “Do-follow backlink” and “No-follow backlink”. Tracking backlinks helps you get rankings and No-follow backlinks to increase website “Authorization”. Both are important.
  • Write a post and get into some of your post links and find someone selling a guest posting service. It is the fastest way to get traffic to other sites and the country.
  • Social Media Marketing is also a great way to generate traffic. Share your posts on the website and connect to your social media accounts.

Professional SEO:

Professional SEO means targeting a post to Google. In this way we allow Google bots (Spiders) to be clear on our website and suggest future solutions.

Another example is that in this method we created an XML site map. Google bots define this file and understand the website correctly.

How to Keywords Research?

Keywords Research helps to find a rank because if we choose the right keyword with a high search volume then the chances of a website increase.

Especially Keywords Research is done using various tools like ahref, Moz, SEMrush etc. Try using the paid version of these tools. If you are looking for a specific search volume for any keyword I suggest a keyword tool everywhere.

How to Competitor Analysis?

It helps to beat our rivals. This can also be done with the ahref tool. With this we can get backlinks, rank, Authority, keywords and Competitor traffic source.

If you do not have this tool you can find someone who provides this service.

Website test:

Website testing is also done using the ahref tool. Site testing will remove the problem if it exists in our area. It is a very useful procedure. We can easily solve the problem with this process.


So, in this article we learn what Search Engine Optimization is and all forms of SEO. I am writing this article to the best of my knowledge. If you find a problem in this post contact me and I will solve it.

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