Why Do NASA Scientists Eat Peanuts For Mission Success? A Strange Combination Of Science And Superstition!

There was a time when superstition (NASA scientific superstition) was increasing in the world. Then scientists invented new types, solved many unsolved mysteries, and explained to people the answers to such questions which seemed to people beyond the world. Scientists always do logical and scientific things, but have you ever seen scientists following superstitions? NASA scientists believe in a strange superstition that is associated with peanuts.

According to the report on the Today website, NASA scientists eat peanuts during missions before starting any mission or taking concrete steps related to space science. They consider it as a custom, however, it is just a superstition and nothing else. According to NASA scientists, if they eat peanuts during a difficult time related to the mission, then the mission is successful and everything is positive for them.

The strange belief started in 1960
According to the report, this practice started in the 1960s. During that time an aircraft named Ranger-7 failed to fly 6 times during launch. The whole team was disappointed by this. When the aircraft was prepared for a flight for the seventh time, everyone was very worried. Then someone gave peanuts to everyone to eat so that their worries would be lessened. On that day the aircraft was successful in flying, and since then, NASA scientists considered the peanut as an important member of their job. During the preparation for any difficult mission, NASA scientists started eating peanuts.

Now groundnut comes before every mission
According to NASA’s Solar System Exploration website, the person who gave people to eat peanuts was named Dick Wallace. He said in the report- I thought that by feeding peanuts, people’s worries would go away for some time. Since then, whenever there is a mission, the peanut boxes already reach the mission control room.