With Inflation Shock, Domestic LPG Cylinder Prices Increased, Know How Expensive Your Cooking Gas Became

The general public has suffered a big blow from inflation and from today LPG cylinder has become expensive. The price of domestic LPG cylinders has increased by Rs 50 per cylinder. The increased prices have come into effect from today. After this increase, LPG cylinder (Delhi LPG Price) will be available in Delhi at the rate of Rs 1053 per cylinder.

5 kg cylinder too expensive
The price of a 5 kg domestic LPG cylinder has also increased and it has been increased by Rs 18 per cylinder. At the same time, the price of a 19 kg commercial cylinder has been cut by Rs 8.50.

Know how much has been the price of LPG in your city

Delhi – Rs 1053
Kolkata – Rs 1079
Mumbai-1052.50 Rs.
Chennai – Rs-1068.50

Price of 19 kg commercial cylinder reduced for the second time in 6 days
The price of commercial LPG cylinder has been cut once again and before that on July 1, its price was reduced by Rs 198. After this cut in many cities
Commercial LPG cylinders became cheaper by Rs 198. Today once again it has been cut by Rs 8.50, after which you can know the new cheap prices here.

Delhi- 2012.50 Rs.
Kolkata-2132 Rs.
Mumbai – Rs.75.50
Chennai-2177.50 Rs.

Price increased by more than Rs 200 last year
In the last year, the price of domestic LPG cylinders has increased by more than Rs 200 per cylinder in Delhi. They have come from Rs 834.50 in a year to Rs 1053 today, that is, an increase of more than Rs 200 has come in the price of these cylinders. Earlier on May 19, 2022, the price of domestic LPG cylinder was increased by Rs.