India And Pakistan Will Play Before The T20 World Cup, There Will Be A Collision On This Day!

Important news is coming out regarding the hosting of the Asia Cup. According to the information, preparations have been completed by the board for its event in Sri Lanka next month. The green signal has already been given by the BCCI for its event. Apart from hosting Sri Lanka, teams from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan will participate. Apart from this, teams from UAE, Nepal, Hong Kong, and Oman will also compete in the qualifiers.

According to the Sri Lankan media, the Asia Cup is to be organized from August 27 to September 11. Before this, qualifier matches will be played in which teams from UAE, Nepal, Hong Kong, and Oman will play. The most important match which everyone is going to be watching is the match between India and Pakistan. The date of this match is being told as 28 August.

Qualifiers will be held from 21 to 27

Before the start of the tournament, qualifiers will be played between teams from UAE, Nepal, Hong Kong, and Oman for a place in the main draw of the tournament. It is not yet known which team will face who and when in these matches.

India vs Pakistan match

The Asia Cup will be the first match between India and Pakistan after the T20 World Cup played in the UAE in 2021. Both the teams do not play any series among themselves. The competition between these teams is seen only in multinational tournaments. The information about this match between the two teams has come to light on Sunday, 28 August.